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Listen to Lydia's Testimonial
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"My intuitive session with Octavia was totally beyond my expectations. It was absolutely amazing! She has such a beautiful way of holding space; I felt so heard and supported and it was very eye opening; I felt like I came away with so much clarity and so much hope.

I felt so hopeful and sort of energized afterwards. My own intuition was validated through Octavia channeling, because it gave me permission to understand my dreams and what is authentic for me.

I cannot recommend her enough. I literally mean that so much, from my heart. I can't wait for my next session and I’m just so thankful. Thank you so much. It was wonderful."


"Octavia provided me with wonderful and accurate insights and helped make my decisions clear. She effortlessly and powerfully contacted my guides and was able to frame the answers in a way that made sense to me. She knew things about me that she couldn’t have possibly known if it weren’t for her gifts. Octavia is the real deal! I highly recommend her to anyone looking for more clarity"



Octavia, I don’t have the skills to articulate how meaningful that session was for me. As someone who has no background knowledge on Intuitive readings, I was really keen to give this a try and wasn’t sure exactly what to expect but was grateful to walk away with a profoundly beautiful experience. Octavia has an incredible gift and her ability to translate extremely complex ideas into a concise, meaningful and warm message was such a gift. Particularly in this time of uncertainty, an Intuitive reading with Octavia has provided me with a great sense of clarity and calm, something everyone needs. I couldn’t recommend this with more enthusiasm for anyone looking for a little helping hand in understanding their authentic purpose and universal path.


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