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I specialise in CAREERS, BUSINESS AND SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING - bringing my background as a business journalist and digital marketer to my work as an intuitive.

I offer the following services:

If you are struggling to connect to and understand your purpose or where you find yourself in your career, this reading is for you. You will learn about what you are here to share with the world. Career and purpose readings are 1 hour long and held over Zoom.

Whether you are an established entrepreneur or at the beginning of your journey, in a business reading we will explore how you can run your business in an aligned way, helping you to create more success, ease and joy in the experience. Business readings are 1 hour long and held over Zoom.


Are you connecting to your customer base and enjoying expressing yourself creatively? If you need support in discovering the type of content that your audience wants to see from you and how to gain traction on your social media channels, this reading is for you!


What you can expect

You can expect to feel clarity after a session! My sessions are conversational; although everything I share with you is channelled, we talk to each other and I invite you to ask me the questions that you need answers to. 

Please note: it is common at the moment for people to impersonate Youtube channels to gain money through fraudulent bookings. I ONLY take bookings through the booking calendar on this site. DO NOT respond to anyone who asks you to pay for a reading any other way. If in any doubt send me an email.

Frequently asked questions

What is an intuitive reading, and how does it differ from a psychic reading?

​​An intuitive reading is similar to a psychic reading; I’m able to see the issues in your life and how to overcome them. However, I prefer to call them intuitive readings as the emphasis is on understanding a situation and resolving it, rather than predicting outcomes.

What questions can I ask?

You can ask any questions you have relating to your purpose, life path, business or social media marketing. However I do not answer questions relating to specific times or amounts of money (such as: when exactly will I achieve X number of sales? Or: when will I have 100,000 followers?). Spirit does not work in absolutes such as this, but sometimes estimates are given).

What's your experience and how did you become intuitive?

I’ve always been empathic (able to feel other’s emotions),and this skill was deepened as I began practicing as a Reiki practitioner/ energy healer.​ However, I've always loved talking about purpose, work and business (I'm a Capricorn Moon and former business journalist), so I now combine my gifts and all of my work experience!


How are readings held?

Over Zoom. Please ensure you have access to Wifi. The video quality is usually better on a laptop so please use your computer for the call rather than your phone.

How do I book?

Book here or send an email to stating your preferred date and time. I'm based in the UK and work between 12pm and 8pm GMT. If you can't find a slot on my calendar, drop me a line!

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