A career guidance session is an opportunity for you to receive clarity on your life's purpose and ideal career.

I tune in to your energy field and soul level to receive these answers, and I share a spiritual perspective that is also grounded and practical.

We will explore all that you need to know, such as:⠀

* Your ideal environment (work from home/ travel/ a bit of both)⠀
* Working for yourself/ with a team/ as an employee ⠀
* Your innate skills and what you excel at⠀
* The industry your soul wants to experience ⠀
* The job function you’d be perfect for⠀
* What you enjoy versus what you don’t (e.g. you’re creative but admin is not your thing)⠀
* Your next steps —> how to get there⠀
* Any subconscious blocks you’re holding that are holding you back (I share resources on how to let go)⠀

I will also answer all of the questions you have relating to career, such as:⠀

* Why did I go through the experience of working at this place or for that person?⠀
* Why has it taken me this long to figure things out?⠀
* I have a lot of fear about creating this business. How can I tackle this?⠀

How intuitive guidance sessions are DIFFERENT:⠀

EVERYTHING I share in a session is channelled. I use my intuition throughout the session to share messages from the universe about what your soul wants to experience.⠀

Unlike a coaching session, I do not guide you to reach conclusions. Rather, I share what I am reading in your energy field.⠀

I structure sessions so that you always feel empowered. I don’t tell you what to do; I share what I pick up from your soul about the best possible working environment for you. What you do with the information is up to you.

Frequently asked questions

What is an intuitive reading, and how does it differ from a psychic reading?

​​An intuitive reading is similar to a psychic reading; I’m able to see the issues in your life and how to overcome them. However, I prefer to call them intuitive readings as the emphasis is on understanding a situation and resolving it, rather than predicting outcomes.

What questions can I ask?

You can ask any questions you have relating to your career!

What's your experience and how did you become intuitive?

I’ve always been empathic (able to feel other’s emotions),and this skill was deepened as I began practicing as a Reiki practitioner/ energy healer.​ However, I've always loved talking about purpose, work and business (I'm a Capricorn Moon and former business journalist), so I now combine my gifts and all of my work experience!


How are readings held?

Over Zoom. Please ensure you have access to Wifi. The video quality is usually better on a laptop so please use your computer for the call.

How do I book?

Book here or send an email to hello@octaviabell.com stating your preferred date and time. I'm based in the UK and work between 9am and 8pm GMT. If you can't find a slot on my calendar, drop me a line!

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