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What To Expect From An Intuitive Reading? Listen to one here!

I get asked all the time what an intuitive reading is like. I channel messages for you, and read your energy field, answering all of the questions you have about your life and soul's purpose.

And gratefully, one of my clients allowed me to share a portion of a one-hour reading she had with me. I can't share all of the details we discussed as I want to protect her privacy and the details of the incredible business that she is planning - but you can listen to us discussing her career plans and getting clarity on how she needs to show up in the world to create the life that she wants.

If you want to book in for a reading with me (all readings are over Zoom, and you'll receive an audio recording and a PDF action plan afterwards) - you can book here.


About the author

Octavia Bell is a London-based Reiki Healer and Intuitive.

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