What it's like to be an intuitive

So, I'm "an intuitive". It's taken a while to fully own that (approximately three years, if you're interested).

I add the speech marks, because everyone is intuitive. However, I do seem to have a gift with it. I was in a Waterstone’s (UK bookshop) recently and picked up a copy of The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. Randomly opening a page, I read a passage about a character being able to see other people's life purposes and authentic selves. I realised: that’s me!

It’s something I’ve always noticed without realising that it was unusual. It wasn’t until friends and family started to express their impatience with me encouraging them to be their authentic selves (you know, 24/7) that I realised that this is something I need to shape in to my work.

I read energy – specifically the energetic field that surrounds us – our ‘auras’. Within this field are the Chakras and at deeper levels the core star and hara.

It’s through these energetic vortexes that I can read the consciousness existing within us all. Energy = consciousness, and so it’s intelligent, alive and carries different frequencies of information.

If you’ve seen a Reiki healer you will know that energy healers sense the energy of the Chakras. You can do this in a basic sense by recognising if there is a blockage of energy flow and if the Chakra is turning in the right direction. But the information doesn’t stop there.

You can also tell what energy consciousness wants to come through that Chakra but it can’t because of limiting beliefs you’ve picked up in childhood.

You can read the energy consciousness of your most divine, abundant self and see how your current life matches up. And you can receive intuitive guidance on how to start getting there.

There is much that reveals itself within the energy field of each human being.

Do I do this all day long? No, that would be absolutely exhausting and I would probably forget to tie my shoelaces or brush my hair!

I’d be pretty spaced out if I did this all day long, which is why I limit intuitive readings to only a couple a day. It’s tiring (but inspiring) work.

I have to be honest and say it feels completely natural for me to work as an intuitive. Everyone is intuitive to an extent, and we can all develop our skills further. I love how supported and seen people feel after an intuitive reading.

I use my intuition a lot, but not all day long. My particular skill is in receiving direct guidance on how to move forward in life in a way that is in alignment.

So I tend to use it for important decisions, rather than everyday choices such as what to eat. However, I believe that the more we heal as human beings, the more we are naturally in tune with our intuition, and so we will make aligned choices naturally. But that’s a topic for another blog post!

I feel like I’m avoiding discussing what it’s actually like to read energy or to receive guidance. It’s quite a difficult thing to describe.

Sometimes it appears to me as thoughts, often I see symbolic images, sometimes I’ll get words in my mind. I often feel the energy of my clients. During sessions I frequently pause to receive that energy and my body and mind somehow know how to interpret it: I don’t consciously try to do anything.

The most challenging part of a reading for me is finding the right words to interpret feelings and thoughts as clearly as possible. I recognise that my clients might choose slightly different words, so my challenge is to ensure that I am communicating in a way that they understand.

I love sharing symbolic images because I find these the most easily received. I use metaphors a lot.

So what else makes me unusual, being an intuitive?

Not a lot, in all honesty! I don’t sit beneath the moon chanting – if you do, that’s great! But I love being a very grounded intuitive, and I think my groundedess is what allows me to receive practical guidance on how people can change their lives to be more fulfilled.

I know that since developing my intuition I’ve become much more trusting in life, because life doesn’t seem like a paradox anymore. If I don’t understand something, I ask for guidance and I trust what I receive. This is the biggest gift of all.

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About the author Octavia Bell is a London-based Reiki Healer and Intuitive. She offers Reiki in London and Intuitive Readings online.

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