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Pick A Card! Career Reading 9th July 2020

I invite you to pick a card and to see if this channelled guidance resonate with you.

Card 2 04:42 Card 3 06:47 Use your intuition to pick card 1, 2 or 3. Pay attention to whether the message resonates with you. If it doesn’t, trust how you feel. These are collective readings where I’m channelling messages for a number of people at once, so they may not always resonate with you. That’s ok - trust your instincts! 😊 Personal readings:

1:1 readings are conversational; you’ll come to a reading with questions covering all aspects of your life and we explore what your soul wants to create in your life. I’ll pick up on any subconscious blocks in the way of manifesting what you want and ask for guidance on how to call in your manifestations. 1:1 readings are very specific, with grounded, practical advice. Example questions: * How can I achieve more growth in my business? * Is my career in alignment for me? * How can I repair my relationship? * I’m calling in a relationship but it’s taking a long time to meet my next partner. Why? * Is it a good idea for me to start a podcast? Or should I write a blog? Or both? We can explore all your questions! I channel the answers from spirit (i.e. spirit guides, higher self) and I also read your energy field (your chakras, core star and hara).

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About the author

Octavia Bell is a London-based Reiki Healer and Intuitive.