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Reiki Treatment


Balance Your Chi

Reiki is a complimentary and alternative therapy. 


Reiki helps to:

  • Reduce anxiety and pain

  • Induce relaxation

  • Improve fatigue and depressive symptoms

  • Strengthen overall wellbeing


(source: University of Minnesota)

As a meditation teacher, Octavia likes to draw parallels between meditation and Reiki. 


Experienced meditators achieve states of contentment, peacefulness and self-understanding. The same goes for Reiki: with cumulative treatments, clients typically feel greater clarity and reduced stress.


Reiki is an ideal therapy for stressed-out Londoners as it’s an investment in your wellbeing that can be achieved during your lunch break. There’s no need to change in to gym gear, to have a discussion with a therapist or make much effort at all. It’s ideal for you to relax and allow the treatment to take place.

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If there is no availability on the calendar, send an email to (there have been some issues with the booking system recently - apologies)!