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During intuitive readings, I tune in to your energy field and connect to your higher self, or spiritual guides. 

I then ask for information that you want access to. Readings are always empowering - we focus on understanding the spiritual meaning of your life and what you can do to achieve your dreams.

Readings are not just about "knowing things" in a conventional sense. They offer the opportunity to dive deeply in to life issues and develop a spiritual awareness of your life.

During a reading, I connect to your soul energy and transmit this healing frequency to you. It's an opportunity for you to focus, connect to who you are (and your potential) and seek answers that soothe your heart and mind.

Frequently asked questions

What is an intuitive reading, and how does it differ from a psychic reading?

​​An intuitive reading is similar to a psychic reading; I’m able to see the issues in your life and how to overcome them. However, I prefer to call them intuitive readings as the emphasis is on understanding a situation and resolving it, rather than predicting outcomes.

What questions can I ask?

For a one hour reading, I suggest focusing on two to three areas of life which we will explore in depth. 

Examples of questions clients ask:


- Have I chosen the right person to be my business partner? 

- Am I in the right career?

- I don't understand a conflict I'm experiencing in a relationship. What's going on here?

- What is my purpose? 

- How can I heal?

- Why did I experience this situation in my past? What was I meant to learn?

What's your experience and how did you become intuitive?

I’ve always been empathic (able to feel other’s emotions),and this skill was deepened as I began practicing as a Reiki practitioner/ energy healer.

I previously worked for The Circle, one of the UK’s largest psychic phone lines and I have read for over 500 people.

Are you a medium?

No, this is not a specialty of mine.

Do you use Tarot cards?

No, all messages come directly from spirit.


How are readings held?

Over Zoom, Skype or Whatsapp. Please ensure you have access to Wifi. The video quality is usually better on a laptop so please use your computer for the call.

How do I book?

Send an email to stating your preferred date and time. I currently offer readings Monday, Wednesday and at weekends.

How much is a reading?

£200 or $250 for a 1 hour reading. 


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