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So you want to discover your...

on social media?

Discover how to connect to your ideal customer base
How to tap in to your natural creativity
Learn about the best type of content for you
And make your social media marketing strategy a breeze

In my former career working for content marketing agencies, I recognised that there are two ways to market your business on social media.


One is conventional and involves picking out a template and creating useful and engaging content. And while this can work, sometimes it doesn't: it fails to capture an audience's attention because it lacks soul.

The second way is to find you and your business's authentic expression and turn it in to content for social media platforms that you want to engage with. This way requires more creativity and the possibility of stepping out of your comfort zone.


But the result is discovering an audience who wants to consume your courageous, entrepreneurial zest for life and expression!

In my sessions I channel guidance about the type of content that will help you reach your customers. I can help you whether you are a new or established business owner, but it is most helpful if you have sample content to look at. 

Before our session I will invite you to answer some questions about what you need clarity on. This could include:

* What is the best type of content for me? For example: video, audio, images, text?

* Where is my customer base? What social media channels do they prefer?

* How can I create content that will be appreciated, and that I enjoy creating?

* Do I have any subconscious limiting beliefs that are blocking my flow on social media?

* How can my current social media marketing strategy be improved?

* How can I differentiate my content across platforms?


// Prior to your session


I will ask you to fill out a questionnaire and tell me what your social media marketing goals are, your feelings around marketing your business, what you enjoy + what you don't, and to let me know where you need greater clarity to help you grow and blossom. 

I will take a look at your business' website and social media content so that I have a thorough understanding of you and your business prior to our Zoom call.

// Your session

We will schedule a 1-hour Zoom call where I channel information and guidance about your most aligned social media marketing strategy and answer all of your questions so that you have clarity about the type of content that will help you to grow and support you in enjoying showing up on social media!


// After the session 

In the week after our Zoom call, I will be on hand to check in with you as you create more aligned content. I am on hand to answer questions and check out sample content before it is posted to ensure that you feel confident with what you are sharing and can continue to create an aligned social media marketing strategy.

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