Octavia is a London-based intuitive who specialises in clarifying her client's soul purposes and ideal careers.

It wasn't always this way. She initially trained and worked as a business journalist, writing about every industry and topic under the sun, until she felt called to change lanes and open up to a more spiritual way of life.


Octavia developed her intuition while practicing as a Reiki healer in London, discovering that she can see in to life situations and provide detailed, accurate guidance for others.

She believes that it is everyone’s right to have objective, clear knowledge about why your life is as it is, and how to heal and move forward. She now combines her love of business with her intuitive gifts to share how others can find fulfilment in their work.


When she’s not channelling clarity and guidance for her clients, Octavia spends her time running after her two dogs, attempting DIY projects and embracing her love of very uncool music (think Abba and Bach).


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