Octavia is a London-based Reiki Healer, Intuitive Guide and a keen advocate of spirituality as a way of life.


She first discovered an Eastern approach to healing after recovering from an operation back in 2015, and hasn’t looked back since hearing the words “Chakras” and “subtle energy”  (phrases that admittedly baffled her at the time)!


Octavia developed her keen sense of intuition while practicing as a Reiki healer in London, discovering that she can see in to life situations and provide detailed, accurate guidance on relationships, career, businesses decisions and self-growth.


She believes that it is everyone’s right to have objective, clear knowledge about why your life is as it is, and how to heal and move forward.


Her intuitive guidance sessions are empowering, conversational and focused on what you can do to shift your life in a way that your soul desires.


All guidance is channeled. Octavia doesn’t offer advice based on her life experience - she trusts instead the energetic dynamics that are at play and reads your energy field, Chakras, Core Star and Hara to seek the answers you’re looking for.


Her guidance sessions are grounded and practical, and you’ll walk away with an action plan on how to move forward in your life.


When she’s not channeling clarity and guidance for her clients, Octavia spends her time running after her two quirky spaniels, attempting DIY projects and embracing her antiquated love of classical music.


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