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Octavia is a London-based Reiki practitioner, meditation teacher and a keen advocate of wellness as a way of life.

She first discovered an Eastern approach to healing after recovering from an operation back in 2015, and hasn’t looked back since hearing the words “Chakras” and “subtle energy”  (phrases that admittedly baffled her at the time)!

Her healing journey has taken her on an exploration of what it means to feel balanced and healthy, and she is an advocate of a holistic, Eastern approach to wellness that fits snugly alongside Western medicine.

Her mission is to teach other Londoners that they can manage stress, anxiety and overwhelm. Octavia previously worked as a business journalist and understands how important it is to feel able to meet the demands of a busy city life.

She offers Reiki in her private practice as well as in organisations as part of wellness programmes.


Usui Reiki Level II

MA Journalism, City University London
BA Politics Philosophy and History, University of London